Requirements for getting Married at Carefree Church

  • Couples will commit to abstaining from physical intimacy
  • Couples have completed our Premarital Classes
  • Couples will commit to both living a Christian life (equally yoked)


Step 1 – Schedule a preliminary meeting with the Pastor (Call church office at 480-488-5565)

Step 2 – Setting the Date: Weddings may be scheduled as Church calendar allows
(if on Saturdays 2:00 pm or earlier). Wedding services may not be scheduled on Sundays because of the overall church schedule. Scheduling a minimum of 6 months in advance is recommended.
Please contact the church office for a Wedding Request Form to determine your Pastor, location date and time.

Step 3 – Sign Up for our Premarital Program: Carefree Church is excited about helping couples prepare for marriage. Our premarital program is designed to equip couples to learn positive communication tools and develop the relational skills necessary to enjoy a lifelong Christ-Centered marriage.

Pastoral Honorarium

  • At Carefree Church Campus or Offsite in Cave Creek Area – $350
  • Out of town Weddings – $500 plus expenses

Facilities and Fees

Fees include facilities only. Pastor honorariums are not included in the fee.

Wedding Only

Church Facility for ceremony (3 hours of use day of, 1 1/2 hour rehearsal day before) Sound System and Sound Technician for the Ceremony (Pastor and B/G Microphones)

Kidslife Auditorium

Seats up to 250



Seats up to 250


Front Patio/Grass Field

Seats up to 250


Main Sanctuary

Seats up to 700


Wedding & Reception

Additional Fee of $300 Includes:

  • Church Facility for the reception – 2hours in addition to the ceremony.
  • Table for food, drink and gifts.
  • Tables and Chairs for guests available for rent.


The following principles of conduct apply to all weddings at Carefree Church. We have listed these items to enable you to inform your families, wedding parties, and guests.

  • Please do not throw rice, confetti, bird seed, etc inside or outside church buildings.
  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the church campus.
  • The use of alcohol is not permitted anywhere on the church campus at any time.

The dress of the wedding party should be modest. If a tuxedo is required for the officiating pastor, the rental cost is the responsibility of the couple.

Neither tacks nor tape may be used in the auditorium or lobby. Decorations are subject to approval by church staff and must be submitted for such.

Initial Deposit of 50% is due at time of booking. Final payment must be made 3 weeks prior to wedding date.

Fill out our wedding request form to get started.