Steps Forward

At Carefree Church, we believe God loves people deeply. He understands how we are made and invites us to know Him. But, He also invites us to grow; challenging us to reach our full potential on this earth. In order to help you grow, we offer adults a simple pathway for spiritual growth at Carefree Church. Wherever you are in your faith journey, we hope you will continually challenge yourself to take another growth step forward.

  • Know God
  • Find Freedom
  • Discover Purpose
  • Make a Difference

Know God – Weekend Services

Whether you are new to faith, or have grown up in the church, you will love our weekend services. But, if you are still figuring out what you believe we want to let you know our Sunday services are created especially for you and a great place to figure out your faith journey.

Find Freedom – Small Groups, Baptism

We believe life changes happens in the context of relationships. Small groups have one simple purpose: to bring people together. Our groups are centered on a variety of topics, life stages, and interests. No matter where you are in your journey with God, you’ll find friendly people ready to connect and grow together.

Baptism is the way that we publicly declare our faith in Jesus. It is a beautiful representation of our spiritual renewal as we are symbolically buried with Christ in water and are then raised to experience a new life.

Discover Your Purpose – Growth Track

The Carefree Church Growth Track exists to help you discover and develop your purpose and live the full life God created for you. The Growth track is made up of four steps, which guide you toward next steps in your journey to know God, find freedom, discover purpose, and make a difference.

Make a Difference – Dream Team

All of us were created by God to make a difference in the world around us. God has a place for you where your unique abilities and passions can impact the lives of others. We believe your life will never make sense until you find, develop and fulfill your purpose.