Service Times

Sunday Service Times
8:30 & 10:15 am
Kidslife classes during each service.


1st Wednesday of Each Month
7:00 pm Worship Service
A time of extended worship, communion, and an in-depth bible teaching.


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Mission Statement

To make a difference in our world by introducing people to Jesus Christ and His teachings at whatever point we find them on their spiritual journey.

C - Christ Centered

We have a vision to share Jesus Christ with the surrounding community. We believe that in a relationship with Him, we will find the answers for life.

A - Acceptance

We offer you friendliness, openness and unconditional love. This is a place to grow.

R - Relevant worship

We offer a style of music that is culturally relevant.

E - Encouraging Message

Our pastor emphasizes personal, practical and positive solutions from God’s Word for life’s common problems.

F - Focused Purpose

We exist for four reasons:

  • To Celebrate God’s Presence (membership)
  • To educate God people (maturity)
  • To demonstrate God’s love (ministry)
  • To communicate God’s word (missions)


R - Relationship Oriented

We emphasize relationships, not organized religion.

E - Enriched

We believe that your life will be enriched and enhanced by the practical solutions found in God’s word.

E - Excited

We are excited about the future and the positive impact we can make in our neighborhoods.

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Sunday Service Times
8:30 & 10:15 am
Kidslife classes during each service.

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